Coastal Region Board Meeting Updates

Hi All!
I'm at the Annual NCSLMA Board Retreat this weekend & we're working on plans for PD, future conferences, advocacy, etc. We have LOTS of places y'all will be able to plug in so watch this space! If there's anything you'd LIKE to be doing, please let me know.
We are going to be building regional committees and would love to have each of you involved in that. We need several representatives from each educational district (1 & 2).
Hope your school year is wrapping up well!
Coastal Region Director

Testing the Waters

It's always good to practice first.

Membership Renewal

NCSLMA membership is from August 1 to July 31. Current members may begin renewing in May each year. A reminder email will be sent to current members each May.

Learning at Board Retreat

Lots of learning and communicating taking place today at the NCSLMA board retreat!  Great group of librarian/leaders!

AASL Standards workshop update

Thanks to all the participants who attended the spring regional workshop!

Don't forget to add in your thoughts and reflections to our Flipgrid:

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Last year NCSLMA was able to put on a successful conference under budget. 

NCLA Liaison

Great collaborations between NCSLMA and NCLA are in the works. Stay tuned for details!!

Lessons from the Spring NCLSMA Board Retreat

This spring, I was elected Secretary of the NCSLMA Executive Board. Today, I met with the rest of the Board at the Spring Retreat.  It had been a great opportunity to network with and learn from amazing librarians around the state.

Intellectual Freedom Starts with Policy

Defending intellectual freedom for students starts with examining your policies at the district or school level. Can you locate the district policies that relate to selection and reconsideration of school library materials? Have you read them? These should be your guide for the procedures you use in choosing materials (print and non-print) for your collection.


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This is my testing blog post

I am a librarian and Iḿ at the NCSLMA board retreat learning how to post to the blog. Hi, Cindy!


New Elementary BOB list has been selected and posted to the website.

Webmaster Requests

When you have news or announcements, please send them to the webmaster to post on the NCSLMA site at [email protected].

Conference 2018

Planning for NCSLMA Conference 18 is well underway! We have an exciting slate of preconferences, and the Call to Present  has gone out. Be thinking about the AMAZING things you do in your library and submit a session idea.

Bitsy Griffin
[email protected]

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2017-2018 Action Research Grant--Vicky Mahoney

Play with Words: Motivating Students to be Creative Writers

An explanation of the research question and objective of the project:
What happens to my students’ writing when I incorporate new instructional strategies to teach poetry and give students more time write poetry in a stimulating environment?
1.What happens to students’ motivation to write?
2. What happens to how invested they are in revising their work?
3. What happens when they revise their work with their peers?
4. What happens when they share their work with an audience?
5. Does their writing get better?

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2016-2017 NCSLMA Read 2 Succeed Recipient : Lorie Steed, Central Davidson H.S.

Reaching the Reluctant Reader: What We Learned Through Our Read 2 Succeed Grant

Overview: As a high school librarian in Davidson County and recipient of a 2016 Read 2 Succeed Grant, I partnered with English teacher Krysta Perkins to support her Sustained Silent Reading initiative. Our goal was to engage reluctant readers by purchasing several high-interest books that would appeal to varied interests and reading levels, and to ensure we had multiple copies of popular titles available to students. By reaching out to reluctant readers in this way, we hoped students who avoided reading in the past would come to embrace it. Although we hit some snags along the way and not every student responded to reading the way we hoped they would, we did find some success in reaching reluctant readers.

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2016-2017 NCSLMA Read 2 Succeed Recipient : Chelsea Brantley, Nags Head Elementary

The Read 2 Succeed grant provided by NCSLMA greatly improved instruction and student learning at Nags Head Elementary school this year. The grant funded a project called “Making Money in Media: Entrepreneurship & The Lemonade War”. This was a collaborative effort between Chelsea Brantley, Media Coordinator, and Katie Blanchard, 3rd grade teacher.

This grant helped teachers improve students’ digital competencies, while also teaching the 3rd grade math and social studies curriculum. There is a need for more collaboration between the media coordinator and classroom teachers, and this project demonstrates student success with these individuals working together. Both parties wanted to extend the 3rd grade study of The Lemonade War to include components beyond Language Arts and Social Studies. So, the teachers planned a unit that turned their students into young entrepreneurs.

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2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant recipient Karen Maxon - part 2

Come see Action Research Grant recipient, Karen Maxon at #NCSLMA16 from 3:00-3:50 on Friday in "Terrace 3"

Have your students mastered the art of gathering superficial facts? Are they experts at copying pictures from the Internet and pasting them into a Google Slides presentation? Then, it's time to cultivate their research skills. We did Action Research to determine if growth mindset partnered with the Big6 could engage students in a deeper cognitively demanding depth of knowledge when researching. Come to our session Researcher, Researcher How Does Your Brain Grow? and see how collaboration among teachers and the media specialist grew this concept to an entire grade level last year and planted seeds across all content area curriculum for this year!


2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant recipient Karen Maxon - part 1

Do you ever wonder how to really help students in the research process?  It seems that I am always wrestling with this professional goal.   My most recent grapple has been the 2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant Rugby Raider Researcher, How Does Your Brain Grow.  The grant focuses on using the cognitive demands of the research process as an avenue to help students develop a growth mindset.  My objective is to investigate if applying a growth mindset will increase students’ emotional resilience during the research process.  My hope is that students will show increased persistence and adaptability in the pursuit of information when completing projects that require depth in their learning.

As I mentioned, it is a professional passion of mine that “research” be synonymous with the process of focusing topics, developing questions, seeking, evaluating, and citing credible sources, and synthesizing information into something that is uniquely a student’s own creation.  I fervently want research to mean more to teachers and students than Google searching, copying, and pasting, none of which requires any meaningful engaged “think time” or ownership of synthesizing information.

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#NCSLMAchat 2/24/2016 Diversity in the School Library

On Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm EST we will meet to discuss the topic of diversity in school libraries. 

Come prepared with favorite titles, programs, and/or projects that you use for Culturally Relevant Teaching in your schools. 

This quote, that perfectly fits our #NCSLMAchat theme this month, comes from Diverse Books Need Us on American Libraries by Sanhita SinhaRoy; June 2015. 

Some resources to consider on diversity in libraries, social justice in literature, and culturally relevant teaching:
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Friday Faves: February 2016 Edition | Things to Make a Librarian's Heart Flutter



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