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Mountains Region

Happy 2019 from Robin Rhodes, Mountains Region Director!  I hope you are having a great school year! 

Info Updates:
Brene Duggins and the Regional Directors are planning spring PD sessions. Be on the lookout for information about these exciting opportunities to network and learn!

Speaking of networking, be sure to check out the awesome lessons that my Wilkes County media peeps put together for one of our district media meetings:  WCS K-5 Lessons, WCS 6-8 Lessons, WCS 9-12 Lessons.  

As winter sets in, I find it even more important to make sure that there are fun and interesting things going on in my media center, don't you?  This week I reorganized my maker space, and started working on displays.  I try to find ways to make all of my displays in the media center interesting, student-focused, and interactive.  I change them every month, and make sure they always contain homemade bookmarks and some kind of contest or activity (Book in a Bottle, Trivia Questions, Guessing Games, Stickers or Speech Bubbles on Books, Make a Button, etc). I also include student work, projects, and suggestion opportunities like QR codes and my suggestion box (this helps me demonstrate to anyone who comes in that I'm meeting those standards for which we are held accountable!). During lunch we've had some karaoke and "Just Dance" fun taking place, and I've held 2 Poetry Cafes, with another one for freshmen and sophomores in the works. What do you do to make your media center a fun and exciting space? Share your ideas for fighting the winter doldrums on this Padlet.

Please feel free to contact me- I'm always happy to help any way that I can!
West Wilkes High School Media Coordinator
Mountains Region Director, NCSLMA