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NCSLMA Elementary Battle of the Books



2018-2019 EBOB Book List

Eligibility Guidelines for Participation

All guidelines must be met to participate in our Elementary Battle of the Books program. The participants must be:

  1. A public (including charter) or independent school recognized by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction with students in grades 4-6, where the elementary school is K-6 for the current year of participation.  Note: For K-8 or 6th grade only schools, students must follow guidelines for EBOB grades 4-5 and BOB grades 6-8.

    1. Charter schools will be treated as a separate school district* within their NCSLMA EBOB regions (See Appendix K).  All participating charter schools within each Region (1 - 8) will compete to determine the charter school representative at their appropriate regional competition. Therefore, charter schools will not participate in public school district competitions.

    2. Independent schools will compete in Region 9.  

  2. A school with a cataloged collection of information resources, a designated space as the media center on the site of the school, a materials budget and open a minimum of 20 hours per week.

  3. A school employing a provisional or licensed on-site School Library Media Coordinator, with the school librarian serving as the head coach.  

  4. School Library Media Coordinator is a NCSLMA member.

  5. School Compliance Form must be submitted online by designated date. Due by December 1, 2018. The form will no longer be available after the due date.

Past Book Lists

  *  2017-2018 Elementary Battle of the Books List 

  *  2016-2017 Elementary Battle of the Books List

  *  2015-2016 Elementary Battle of the Books List

  *  2014-2015 Elementary Battle of the Books List 


  *  EBOB Manual (revised for 2017-18) Please read the entire manual. 

  *  EBOB Timeline 2018-19  

  *  EBOB School Compliance Form (No longer available for 18-19 year.)   This form should be completed by the Media Coordinator of each school participating by Dec. 1, 2018. In order to complete this form, your membership must be current; join or renew here.  
Login to the page using your membership information. Then you will be able to access the form to complete it. You will also need your NCSLMA member number.

  *  EBOB District Question Request Form   

  *  Certificate of District Participation 

  *  Certificate of Regional Participation 

  *  Book Nominations Form   Book nominations for the 2019-20 list will be accepted through Jan. 15, 2019.        

Regional Information

View EBOB Regions   

Region 1 - Contact -  Sara Levin  

Region 2 - Contact  - Anne Wood 

Region 3 - Contact - Anya Ross

Region 4 - Contact - Carla Brooks 

Region 5 - Contact - Colleen Pinyan

Region 6 - Contact - Kimberly Kovach 

Region 7 - Contact - Karyn Church 

Region 8 - Contact - Karen Yutzy 

Region 9 - Contact -


Congratulations to 2018 Regional Competition Winners

Region 1  EJ Hayes Elementary School from Martin County

Region 2  

Region 3  LaFayette Elementary School from Harnett County

Region 4  

Region 5  Whitaker Elementary School from Winston Salem/Forsyth County 

Region 6   Celeste Henkel Elementary from Iredell-Statesville

Region 7  Millers Creek Elementary School from Wilkes County

Region 8  

Region 9  Providence Day School


Elementary Battle of the Books Special Committee Chair:

Paula Farmer
[email protected]